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Gary Henderson

Henderson Project Management

"The professionalism of the HYTEK staff was second to none."

"...I've never actually dealt with a company that turned around so quickly. "

"We couldn't probably use timber the way we use the HYTEK frames due to the nature of the actual physical size of them."

"The HYTEK steel frames in their nature are actually quite rigid so we didn't have to actually have anything drastic for manhandling it, and also when we used a crane on site there was no issues with them bending, bowing or twisting."

"Steel is obviously a far better product to use."


Anthony Mueller

Principal, Faith Lutheran College

"Having the construction happen off-site minimised disruption to the students on-site."

"We have very high quality WiFi in this building and that facilitates the learning of the students and their connectivity."

"HYTEK as a company were really good to deal with.. they were efficient, they were prompt, they were accurate in the delivery of the product that we needed… when we had needed amendments they responded to those efficiently and delivered on time, and so I'd recommend anyone who was considering using steel framing to go to HYTEK."


HYTEK Steel Frame Solutions have many advantages over timber frames for building and construction: they are lightweight, easy to handle on-site and accurate – they won’t twist or bow. Watch HYTEK steel frames in production.

Builder Testimonial

Project Manager Gary Henderson shares his experience of working with HYTEK steel frames.

Customer Testimonial

Principal of Faith Lutheran College, Anthony Mueller said having the construction happen off-site minimised disruption to the students on-site.