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The Difference when Building With The Best

There are very few limits to what you can build using HYTEK steel framing. The diversity ranges between residential framing, home extensions, commercial developments, floors, curved or straight walls, roofs, partitions, internal office fit outs, workshops and incorporate the properties of steel that has made it the construction of choice the world over.

A HYTEK steel frame is light, rigid, accurate, economic and easy to assemble on site. Plus, changes to plans at any stage during design, production or construction can be easily made and promptly integrated.


At HYTEK, product quality is a cornerstone to our business. This includes providing engineering services, or working with engineers of your choice to provide solutions that reduce construction time and are cost effective.


As well as producing industry standard connections, fixings and steel frame products, we can work with home owners, architects, engineers and builders and provide our advice to:

  • develop a fully customised steel framing product
  • optionally customise steel frames to suit building processes
  • optionally develop assembly processes for onsite installation that fits with specific building needs.


We guarantee dimensionally correct frames within +/– 1mm of your design specifications. This level of economy and accuracy can result in cost savings in labour and materials. The HYTEK steel framing manufacturing technology ensures that:

  • every pre-fabricated piece of steel is cut to size
  • all parts are cross referenced with plans to ensure accuracy with design specifications
  • the accuracy of our design and manufacture process means minimal wastage of materials and labour.

Construction: Rigid, Reliable, Quick & Easy

All our frames including walls, floors and roof trusses are assembled in the factory and delivered ready for onsite construction. Erecting a HYTEK steel frame is quick and easy and requires no training or specialised staff onsite.

Once a HYTEK steel frame is assembled, working with electricians and plumbers becomes easier as steel studs can have pre-punched holes – a Tradie’s dream!

If you require specific connections, we work within your project team to develop solutions that guarantee easy installation on site.

Ongoing Support

We don’t just offer the technology to meet your steel framing needs, we are also able to:

  • Provide pre-design and framing construction support – on the building site, in the office, or over the phone.
  • Work with the engineers to organise connection and fixing details.
  • Arrange engineering and certification if desired.

If you ever need to speak with one of our helpful staff, HYTEK can meet builders, clients, architects, home owners or engineers on site or in our Brisbane office, and are available on the phone 8am – 4pm, Monday – Friday. Contact us to get in touch.


HYTEK Steel Frame Solutions have many advantages over timber frames for building and construction: they are lightweight, easy to handle on-site and accurate – they won’t twist or bow. Watch HYTEK steel frames in production.

Builder Testimonial

Project Manager Gary Henderson shares his experience of working with HYTEK steel frames.

Customer Testimonial

Principal of Faith Lutheran College, Anthony Mueller said having the construction happen off-site minimised disruption to the students on-site.