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Builder FAQ's

What about costings?

Builders worldwide are testifying that building with steel is less expensive than traditional methods. There is no waste and no training or specialised staff needed onsite.

Why build with steel?

Our light gauge steel framing is cost effective, light weight, easy to handle and manufactured in conditions that allow strict quality control. Steel framing is termite proof, non-combustible and durable. It also has a 50 year guarantee.

Will the house look different to others I have developed?

Only if you want it to. Due to the durability of the steels properties, you can design a building with larger open spaces and curves. The walls will remain straight and true, preventing call backs from shrinkage cracks and nails popping.

Will the house need bigger footings and foundations?

Since the steel weighs up to 60% less than traditional wood, foundations do not need to be any larger than normal

What do Tradies have to say about steel frames?

Our frames have many features that make a tradies job easier. We punch holes for electricians and plumbing services. Normally a change of nail is all that's required.

How do I find a competent Steel Frame supplier?

HYTEK Framing is the only steel framing company in Queensland with full ISO 9001 Accreditation. You can rest assured that we use only the highest grade materials and state of the art equipment. We are not just saying that – we are accredited to do so.

Homeowner FAQ's

Will I be able to renovate later down the track with a steel framed house?

Yes. Steel framing allows for larger spans meaning a home can be designed without interior load bearing partitions. This makes alterations easier without affecting the structure in any way.

Will Steel Framing affect the air quality inside my home?

Since steel frames do not need to be treated for termites, this makes your home a resin and chemical free environment.

Does a steel frame interfere with WiFi or television reception?

Steel framing is used widely all over the world, Australia is now catching up. There have never been any reports of interference and there is no reason why this should occur.

Will my steel home rust?

No. The steel used is galvanized steel which protects your home from corrosion. Our steel frames also come with a 50 year guarantee.

Is a steel home dangerous in lightning?

Steel will actually offer you better protection as the steel provides a conductor to the ground, reducing the risk of explosions and secondary fires.

Can I hang pictures on my walls?

A heavy weighted picture which will require a bolt or hanger to be used, can be screwed straight into a stud. Studs are easily located with magnets.


HYTEK Steel Frame Solutions have many advantages over timber frames for building and construction: they are lightweight, easy to handle on-site and accurate – they won’t twist or bow. Watch HYTEK steel frames in production.

Builder Testimonial

Project Manager Gary Henderson shares his experience of working with HYTEK steel frames.

Customer Testimonial

Principal of Faith Lutheran College, Anthony Mueller said having the construction happen off-site minimised disruption to the students on-site.