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From wall frames, to floor systems, to trusses and incorporated structural steel for bracing and load bearing requirements, Hytek is delivering steel framing solutions for all construction needs. 

Recent and current projects include steel frames and trusses to top levels of multi-storey buildings for Rawcorp, commercial buildings for ADCO, townhouse developments for Impact Homes, hospitals for Hutchinson Builders, fast food restaurants for SJ Higgins, Lanskey Constructions and others (McDonald’s, KFC, Taco Bell), child care centres, aged cares, schools, modular buildings, etc.                                                       

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Watch HYTEKs production formula video and learn more about the advantages of the HYTEK steel framing system.


Aerial views of Hytek steel frames and trusses concurrently topping out three x 1000m2 Aged Care buildings at Bribie Island, and a flyover of a technically demanding 1500m2 Child Care at Griffin. Hytek’s detailing, engineering and commercial volume manufacturing capabilities are second to none – no job is too big or too hard for us!

Our well drilled factory team assembles materials produced by computer controlled high speed roll formers. Hytek has invested in the most advanced digital design software and light steel framing production machinery available in the world today, to ensure delivery of consistently accurate components that fit with millimetric accuracy, on time, every time.

Builder Testimonial

Project Manager Gary Henderson shares his experience of working with HYTEK steel frames.

Customer Testimonial

Principal of Faith Lutheran College, Anthony Mueller said having the construction happen off-site minimised disruption to the students on-site.